Houston’s Premier Diesel Truck Dyno

PSP Diesel is proud to announce the opening of their Performance center featuring the Mustang MD 1750 Dyno!

What you need to know before you show up to dyno your truck

  1. Address is 1215 Iowa St. #A, South Houston, TX 77587. If you are mapping it, make sure you use the zip code!
  2. Read our disclosure completely and have it filled out before you arrive. Disclosure PDF Download
  3. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, all steering and suspension components must be in good condition or we WILL NOT dyno your vehicle. The vehicle will be checked before it is strapped down
  4. Our technicians will be operating your vehicle during the dyno runs, no exceptions!
  5. All safety regulations must be strictly adhered to. Failure to comply will result in your vehicle being pulled off the Dyno and your fee forfeited.
  6. Vehicles must arrive in good running condition, prepared to dyno. No repairs or modifications to your vehicle are permitted at our facility.
  7. If your vehicle malfunctions during the dyno process, it will be pulled off the dyno machine immediately and the customer is responsible for having the vehicle removed from our facility the same day. PSP Diesel is not responsible for storing disabled vehicles.

MD-1750 – the biggest, fastest and most powerful dyno on the market!

The MD-1750 has the largest set of rollers in the industry at 50-inches. The 1750 Series is designed for customers whose horsepower testing requirements and drag racing slick tires require a larger, tire-friendly roller configurations. The MD-1750 is available with a wide 96-inch outer track for testing large Diesel Trucks. When coupled with the SE or DE eddy current option, the MD-1750 is capable of properly loading and testing very large diesel trucks without worrying about tire slippage.»

Mustang’s eddy current power absorption features enable the system to test vehicles at variable throttle positions, speeds, and torque outputs. The torque value read from the load cell is combined with roll-speed to calculate the exact force being applied at the vehicle’s wheels. Unlike friction-type load control devices offered by competing manufacturers, our eddy current absorbers and advanced closed-loop computer control system enable the user to carefully control the road load applied to the vehicle under test by increments of horsepower or torque.